Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

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Basic terminology

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How energy efficient are Louvfre Windows?

If Energy efficiency is important to you, most informed buyers will not look at the conventional bathroom louvre which has a 6mm glass thickness. This is due to this product having a best U-Value (Rating of thermal performance) of around 4. Where most other windows in the house can have numbers as low as 2. The lower the better the thermal performance. Due to our single glazed louvres being able to carry glass thickness of up to 17.52mm we will perform much better. Not to forget that our Double and Triple Glazed Products will reach numbers as low as 1.4.

For more information on Energy Efficency go to or for more information about our performances please contact us.

I am in a bushfire area, will this impact me?

We are not a Bushfire rated product, hence if you would like to use our products in a bushfire prone area, we would advise you to get advise from a Engineer or the local council authority how to accomplish this.

I am close to a coastal area, will this impact me in any way?

Yes. If you do not want your products to have rust stains after a period of 1 – 10 years. You will need to choose specific kinds of metal, powdercoating or anodizing. We can help you with this, to make sure that our products last the test of time.​

Are the Louvres fire rated?

They are fire rated to ISO 21927 – 2. This is the international standard to use these products for Smoke Exhaust and Smoke Relief, for more information please contact us.​

Who is FoxFire Louvre?

A completely independent company that engineers, manufactures, and installed premium quality and custom Louvre Windows

Who installs them?

We have a network of approved installers we can recommend and been specifically trained to conduct this work. Otherwise, you may enlist the services of any facade fabricator that is doing the rest of the windows for your project.

What are the most optimal positions to place louvres to achieve stack effects or cross ventilation? 

We draw on over 50 years of combined experience in developing standards for high end louvre windows. We will be able to tell you where the most optimal place is to put a louvre window, if you want to be 100% sure, for a small fee we can model this for any climate zone in the world. We are capable of modeling specific events inside a building and how louvres will effect them like, temperature, smoke and co2.

How long is their lifespan?

The lifespan largely depends on how they are used, normally for most products its around 25 – 30 years. In a higher use scenario they might need maintenance, to reapply lubrication and replace the electric motor.

How long is the warranty?

We believe in the quality of our louvre windows. We will guarantee our workmanship and materials for up to 6 years.

All electrical parts carry a 1 or 2 year manufacturers warranty. For full warranty information, please contact us.

If you have a special request and a specific design, from time to time we will even raise our warranty to 10 years. The 10 year warranty is limited to commercial projects.

Where do I buy the louvres?

You can buy the louvres straight through us. For a price inquiry, please contact us.​

I have a special customised wish. Is that possible?

We are fully capable of customising your product and are up to any challenge you would like to throw our way. You will need to talk to our sales staff about this. Please contact us here.

What do they cost?

As all our products are custom made, it really depends on which system , operation, size and the mechanical complexity (how many blades). To bring things to scale, we will generally cost between 1.5 – 2.5 times of a fixed window system.

What colors are available?

Generally speaking we mostly deal with RAL colours, as there is no ‘Yellow chroming’ necessary (illegal in most countries from 2017 due to air pollution). But we are happy to use any colour that is available in the market. ​Click here to view the RAL colour palette.

What about maintenance and cleaning?

Like anything in a building you will have to clean the product, please see maintenance and care.

They are mostly maintenance free unless used for Fire purposes and then you will need to engage a specialized contractor or us to conduct these works. Please ensure your specialized contractor is trained in these systems.

Can I use this as a Balustrade?

A Balustrade has to be engineered to the code. We have the ability to make them fully compliant without adding extra balustrade systems. Contact us for more information.

Where can I install them?

We have truly installed them in all types of buildings for all types of purposes. From Stadiums, Public Housing, Private Homes, Hospitals, Universities, Schools etc. Our custom design can accommodate any project.

Do FoxFire louvres offer a higher level of protection than against forced entry?

Safety screens largely block ventilation (around 50%) and cost considerable extra which is not needed with our product.

With a conventional louvre system you will need to add extra safety measures so that nobody can break in.

This is often due to the blades not being screwed into place or the frame is mounted with the screws on the outside, which is perfect for a thief as he can enter your property easily from the outside without any tools and then return it to normal when he leaves. This allows for the appearance that no unlawful entry was ever committed.

With all of our products, nothing is made easy for a thief. No blades can be removed from the outside, not even with basic tools. They are all glazed and secured from the inside. Depending on what glass is used, some of our products will not allow a thief to access your premise – even with a sledge hammer. If you are still concerned, yes, it is possible to install safety screens.

For more information, please contact us.

Can I put Fly-screens on my louvres?

We have specifically developed our Centrally Pivoting louvres to have an option to be hung eccentrically (2/3 to the outside, and 1/3 to the inside). Hence on most of our products you can.​

Why should I buy louvres vs a traditional awning window?

Louvre windows allow the highest level of free air circulation of all window types. Additionally they take up the least room when open. Which make louvre windows very appealing for those who care about quality, performance and aesthetics .