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Residential Properties

High worth individuals who require high quality, custom made Louvre Window solution call FoxFire first.

FoxFire Louvre Windows excels at providing the highest level of Louvre Window security to help protect both your family and property.

Aesthetically speaking, we can create just about solution to match your taste.

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Commercial Buildings

Globally renowned Architects trust FoxFire Louvre to get the job done right.

When tens or hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake, Louvre Window quality and dependability matter.

Industry leaders call upon FoxFire when the stakes are high. 

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Architecturally Designed

Your partner in planning and implementation

The correct Electronic Solution for your Natural Ventilation or Smoke Ventilation System is essential.

Receive a Full Consultation during the design Phase for free to achieve more out of your Louvre Window solution.

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Performance for Engineers

Louvre Window Maintenance & Service

Every Building Manager is responsible to ensure the operation of the various services within the building work reliably and safely.

We are specialists in engineering, manufacturing, and installation of unique and premium Louvre Windows.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality and design for leading clients across Australia. FoxFire Louvre has created a unique position in the market by engineering and manufacturing premium louvre windows in ways the competition simply can't. We are often first to market with cutting edge technology, such as the highly revered FF Weather system.

Louvre windows provide the highest possible air flow than any other window system. By strategically placing louvre windows within your home or building you are able to control air flow that may help reduce air-conditioning costs, remove smoke, control fire, secure your valuables during a storm and many other applications.

FoxFire Louvre is here to help you create the best possible solution for your needs. Backed by extensively experienced engineers, we are here to provide you with the best solution for any premium or custom need you may have.

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